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In the five-and-a-half weeks that I have been here, I have truly developed a fondness for Paris, particularly le boulevard Saint Michel, le quartier Latin, and 5ème and 6ème arrondissements. It’s more than just a general affinity for the city, there is an ease that we have come to. I may be outside of my comfort zone, but I am within my element.

We’ve all established a relationship with this city – we have our favorite shops, stores, metro stations and\ metro lines. We have our favorite dishes and our favorite wines, our favorite drinks at our preferred local haunts. Favorite routes, parks, museums, boulevards, views, hangouts, activities – almost all the elements of a permanent resident. We’ve made connections with people here, we’ve settled into some semblance of a routine, and it seems that just as we have grown to this degree of comfort and familiarity, it is time to pack up and leave.

While I am beginning to miss some things about home, I’ve developed such an appreciation for the lifestyle here, and I don’t want to lose it or forget it once I return to the States, although I realize it is somewhat inevitable. For instance, I really haven’t missed my cell phone. Sure, it makes it easier to coordinate (and cancel, and postpone) meetings and get-togethers, but it also kind of adds (at least for me) a more stressful element to life. Even with cell phones, the lifestyle here is just so laid-back, and I love it! I am certainly going to miss this leisurely approach to life.

It’s funny how we’ve grown accustomed to life here, how we’ve acclimated and adjusted, and almost (but not quite) taking our time here for granted. Time has really flown, and I can’t believe that we’re (finally) done with classes – finals are today and tomorrow. It would have been nice if we had finished on Monday/Tuesday so we could enjoy our last few days in Paris leisurely instead of frantically trying to study and pack and cram everything in at the last minute… but, c’est la vie.

Here is a succinct summary of the progression of our time here:
Week 1: OMG, we’re in PARIS!!!!!
Week 2: OMG, we’re still in Paris!!!
Week 3: I love Paris!!! Still so much to do! Can I live here?
Week 4: Wait, we’re halfway done? … I want to live here
Week 5: It’s almost over? But there’s so much more to do! I’m going to miss it… Oh, and I don’t feel like going to class.
Week 6: Countdown, classes, outings, finals, papers, cramming, packing… ahhhh!!!

I’m grateful that I have at least a few more days to finish everything up after the last-minute craziness subsides, and it will be nice to act as a tour guide for my mom and she’ll be a little piece of home for me, so I won’t miss it too much before Wednesday. 🙂


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