Ode to Paris

Posted on: July 28, 2008

Lame, cliché, whatever – I was inspired:

I love that Paris is a walking city.
I love the view onto boulevard Saint Michel from our window, and the views from the terrace.
I don’t like walking up and down 100+ stairs multiple times a day…
but I love what it’s doing to my legs.

I love that the Notre Dame and the Seine are just down the street,
but not the way the Seine (and particularly the tunnels next to it) smell(s).

I love getting crêpes or falafel (or other cuisine) from street-side vendors,
and the variety of different foods available here…
but I’ve discovered that it’s hard for me to live without carrots, hummus, and peanut butter (or some form of peanuts).

I love being able to order a glass of wine or a drink at a bar,
and the shopping opportunities here (just in time for soldes!)…
but not the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro.

I love that there is so much to do here,
but not that even six weeks isn’t enough to do it all.

I love our NaviGO passes, and our cartes bleu,
and the Euro currency system of €2, €1, and 50¢ coins (I had about $18 in change yesterday – no joke).

I love the location of the Foyer on boulevard Saint Michel in the 5ème arrondissement
but I don’t love the omnipresent McDonald’s restaurants and the fact that they seem to be perpetually busy.
I love the simplicity of metro system,
but not how hot and steamy the RER always is (gross!).

I love going to art museums for art history class,
and going to see interesting remarkable monuments for French history class.
I love my French Lit professor’s passion for what she teaches,
and getting dressed up to go out to ballets and plays at Parisian opera houses and theaters (in French!)

I love the beautiful, intricate architecture and the history here.
I love the sunny weather here and the absence of humidity.

I love not having to worry about making multiple trips for groceries,
and not having to drive – I really appreciate the public transportation system here.

I love the friends I’ve made on this trip…
but I miss the ones across the pond beaucoup.

I love that there’s rarely a dull moment,
but not that time passes so quickly.


2 Responses to "Ode to Paris"

hey girl! i love your posts on france! i’d miss p.b, too though. good stuff, good stuff. hey keep up the awesome posts, i feel like i’m there, but really wanting to go to paris now! whew!
hey, do you use a pump?

Justine I really miss you. Like really really miss you. There is not a week that goes by that I get ready to text you or call you to squeal about something or moan about something or have a deep desire just to sit with and watch a movie. Plus it is torture driving by Springhaven every day and knowing you are not home. And I shall confess I am so happy you will be home this week, i think the 8th right? But I am soooo happy for you. And for your sake I hope you get to savor every last moment you spend in the city of glamour and intrigue. Because my dear, you are not allowed to spend a single moment indulging in sadness, live out your parisian self and when you get home I shall sit and listen to every story and every crazy thing you did. I love you hunni~barbara

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