Sunset on the Seine

Posted on: July 2, 2008

So, I was overly ambitious when I dated my first post, expecting to be able to journal the events of each day. I have abandoned this goal, and from here on out, I’m just going to relate the highlights.

I’ll backtrack tomorrow, but right now I’ll stick with tonight’s activities.

After a delicious nap and waking up to discover *gasp* my computer has a wireless connection!, a bunch of us decided to make dinner together and eat (and drink) up on the terrace. We made pastas and salad and ate baguettes that we bought earlier at the grocery. Yum! After that, we were going to go to Les Jardin de Luxembourg, but we left the Foyer ten minutes before it closed (it’s right across the street), so the nine of us decided to go down to the Seine and socialize there. There’s another park there, but it was closed too, so we sat ourselves down on the sidewalk for a few hours. We passed the evening talking, laughing, enjoying our wine and sangria, and watching the sun set along the Seine, and the tour boats (and yachts) float by. There was another group of young French people nearby, and we overheard them singing “Yellow Submarine”, and joined in with them! Later on, they approached us, telling us they had a “gift” for us – and sang us a song about the Champs Elysée. It was definitely the highlight of the night. 🙂

C’est tout for now, Bon soir!


1 Response to "Sunset on the Seine"

ah je suis tres jalouse de toi! So since I’m eager to live vicariously through you I found the info about le bal des pompiers myself. Here is the website: http://www.hotels-paris-rive-gauche.com/blog/index.php/2008/06/24/2428-bal-pompiers-13-14-juillet-2008-paris-programme-complet

I’m pretty sure I went to the one in the 6th arrondisement – the one on vieux-colombier. It was amazing! Very crowded with long lines so it’s probably best to not be fashionably late. You should also try to make it out to the parade on the champs-elysees.

I don’t know how long you’re in paris for but if you’re there til late july – august you’ll be able to go to paris plage. It’s when they convert the banks of the Seine into a beach with truckloads of sand. I never got to go but it should be fun!
Let me know how it goes & if you need anything else! Amuse-toi!


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