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Bonjour, tout le monde!

Sorry that I haven’t updated sooner – I didn’t expect to have technological problems once I got here, but I haven’t been able to connect to the internet (I suspect that my firewall is blocking the wireless networks…), AND my camera died on Sunday and I can’t figure out how to charge the darn thing (why isn’t there a universal voltage/wattage system?!). Hopefully, I will soon have a reliable connection to the internet though.

Anyway, Paris is just amazing, and I really truly love it. Speaking in French was a little tricky at first, but I’m growing more confident. I was actually tempted to write this in French and make you all translate it but I figured that’s a little unfair. 😉

So, quick update: after rollercoaster of emotions and a crazy sendoff at the airport, I made it to the gate just as they were beginning to board. So much for being there early :/ The flight here was long, but not too bad. I didn’t sleep much, only in fitfull 1/2 hour increments. The plane was quite large, which was a big contrast to the last flight I made from DC to Boston on a tiny little American Eagle airplane that lasted about an hour. We made it to the Foyer without much trouble, although navigating our baggage through the airport and the RER was a little tricky. Luckily our stop is less than a block from the Foyer, so we didn’t have to ungracefully lug our suitcases through the streets of Paris. And there was an escalator. TG. Once we checked in at the Foyer, we took our bags up to our rooms – we’re all on the fourth floor, but some people didn’t get their permanent room assignments right away because they weren’t ready. Three of us decided to take the stairs, bags and all, instead of waiting for the tiny elevator – keep in mind that the fourth floor is really the fifth (or sixth) floor because they don’t count the first floor (they call it le rez-de-chaussé), and the second floor has classrooms instead of bedrooms. So we struggled up five circular flights of stairs with our bags – fun stuff, let me tell you. 😉 But it was totally worth it – the view from our room includes the Eiffel Tower (straight ahead) and the Sacre Coeur. Unbelievable! The rest of the day was lunch, naps, and a little exploring, and a brief orientation. Six of us went out to dinner and sat down at a nice café – it was a little expensive, but it was very pleasant, and definitely worth it – a nice way to close our first (very long) day in Paris. I must admit, I loved being able to order wine!

I have class in a few minutes, so I’ll try to update more later. A tout à l’heure!


I am now in the possession of two exquisite pairs of shoes. Shoe-shopping always manages to bring some joy into my life, and today’s expedition was no exception. I was accompanied by my close friend and unofficial fashion consultant, Barbaraanne. We set to work as soon as we arrived, scouring the racks for THE shoes – we’ve begun a tradition of seeking out a special pair of shoes for each passing year. (Last year’s was a pair of wedges with a body made of neon yellow canvas a white wedge – sounds tacky, but they so make the outfit when worn correctly 😉 ) My eyes immediately fell on a stray red pump – bold, shiny and glamorous. Eagerly, I checked the size, only to find it was a 7.5. Disappointed yet undaunted, I resumed my search. We came across a multitude of candidates – there were several impostors, some wannabes, and a few real contenders, not to mention the less-glamorous but equally fun-to-find shoes required for casual but chic ensembles and everyday wear. We each found a few eye-catching specimens – I almost ended up purchasing one pair of white patent peep-toe heels with a light blue flower-and-vine pattern and a light blue bow at the toe – but nothing that was begging us to buy. Eventually, I came across a marvelous pair of white patterned of stilettos that were calling my name.

Throughout my search, that shiny red pump kept popping up in various places until – success! – I found two mates in a size 9. I tried them on, and it was love at first fit. Now the challenge was to find something to suit my more dainty-footed counterpart. We managed to flush out a matching pair of 8s, along with another attractive pair, and after some debate, deliberation, and rationalization, we decided that these glamorous red pumps are the shoes of 2008.

this picture really doesn\'t do them justice

Mission complete!

And now for your viewing entertainment: shoes.

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