No More Quarters

Posted on: April 30, 2008

It’s finals week, and I’ve just finished basically all of my finals (I have one left on Friday morning but it is GPYSC 101 and is therefore going to be a cinch. Seriously, I walked into class one day not knowing that we had a test, took it, and got an 82 on it. And I don’t even know how many of the sessions I was there for. But anyways) I’ve just started to do my laundry, and I realized that this will (probably) be the last load of laundry I ever do in a dorm… and the last time (for a while) that I will need little film canisters full of quarters for me to be able to do my laundry(I’m not ruling out the possiblity of laundromats in the future). Kind of weird, after two years of hoarding them (or rather, having my parents hoard them), and counting them, and fretting over whether I will be able to wash and dry everything or if I can fit two loads of a washer into one dryer… lots of complicated calculations, let me tell you 😉

I’ll have to go switch the loads in a few minutes, and after that I am passing out.

Happy Finals Week to all the college students out there!


1 Response to "No More Quarters"

Aww Justine you are making me feel a tad nostalgic about washing with quarters. Just Kidding. Our washers are in a creepy room in the basement of our building and currently I am trying to make it these final days without doing laundry, I have been handwashing in the sink. However congratulations on your final load and happy finals week to you too my dear-I have a lot of reading to do tomarrow but it should be fun lol~ciao bella

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