Finals Week

Posted on: April 28, 2008

Just FYI: due to the convergence of the majority ALL of my most difficult exams and final papers on Wednesday morning, I won’t be posting again until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest. Until then, I will have my nose perpetually buried in a text or notebook, or my fingers fixed on a keyboard, furiously typing away at one of six essays. X_x

And now, for your viewing entertainment and a brief alleviation of my own incapacitating stress, some graphics from the FAIL blog (one of my favorites).

shark = finals, kayaker = me

Shark = finals, kayaker = me

Hurdles = finals, runner = me

Cat = me trying to survive finals.


1 Response to "Finals Week"

hahahahahahahahahahahaha…..at least you are studying I am doing nothing:( oh well I agree after wed, I only have one final which shall be easy. Best wishes luv~barbaraanne

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