Posted on: April 4, 2008

It has been a hell of a week. I am so glad that classes are over, it is the weekend, and for a brief moment, the stress is relieved. I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since Monday, and I am more than ready to sleep for a long, long time. But before I can do that, I have to finish the loads of laundry that I finally got around to doing (more out of necessity than choice, I’m afraid), pack for the weekend, and hopefully I’ll have time to neaten up my room. All I want is to lie down and rest! It feels like I have been running non-stop since Tuesday – I had a Psychology paper due on Wednesday, along with a Philosophy test; on Thursday I had a big Geology test, and today I had a debate on economic sanctions in my Foreign Policy class. And of course, I was up working on each assignment, studying for each test until the very last minute. And did I mention the fact that my front left tooth fell out (it’s a crown) when I tried to eat lunch yesterday? Yup. That’s the kind of week it’s been. So, I am taking a much-needed break this weekend, and trying to relax. I am heading home later today (quite soon, actually), and as soon as I am on that bus, I am going to pass out.  Oh, I cannot wait.

Bon week-end, amis!


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