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It’s finals week, and I’ve just finished basically all of my finals (I have one left on Friday morning but it is GPYSC 101 and is therefore going to be a cinch. Seriously, I walked into class one day not knowing that we had a test, took it, and got an 82 on it. And I don’t even know how many of the sessions I was there for. But anyways) I’ve just started to do my laundry, and I realized that this will (probably) be the last load of laundry I ever do in a dorm… and the last time (for a while) that I will need little film canisters full of quarters for me to be able to do my laundry(I’m not ruling out the possiblity of laundromats in the future). Kind of weird, after two years of hoarding them (or rather, having my parents hoard them), and counting them, and fretting over whether I will be able to wash and dry everything or if I can fit two loads of a washer into one dryer… lots of complicated calculations, let me tell you 😉

I’ll have to go switch the loads in a few minutes, and after that I am passing out.

Happy Finals Week to all the college students out there!


Just FYI: due to the convergence of the majority ALL of my most difficult exams and final papers on Wednesday morning, I won’t be posting again until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest. Until then, I will have my nose perpetually buried in a text or notebook, or my fingers fixed on a keyboard, furiously typing away at one of six essays. X_x

And now, for your viewing entertainment and a brief alleviation of my own incapacitating stress, some graphics from the FAIL blog (one of my favorites).

shark = finals, kayaker = me

Shark = finals, kayaker = me

Hurdles = finals, runner = me

Cat = me trying to survive finals.

Somewhere, out in the vast abyss of the Interweb, I found today an interesting site that lets you look up the #1 Billboard song on the U.S. charts on any date in history, as far back as the 1890s. No joke.

Upon my discovery of this site, I wasted no time in looking up the top song on the date I was born, and each year subsequent to that. I was a little disappointed (Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, “Anything for You”… Really now???) that there wasn’t anything truly epic or classic on there, but I suppose, “MMMBop” by Hanson and “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin count for something… and two songs by Janet Jackson! Impressive.

Upon further inspection, looking at the hits of the years beyond that of my birth, I see that there are some decent songs/artists on the list: two by Elvis the King himself, as well as two by the Beatles… but still, nothing too stellar, IMO.

So, dear friends, what were the top songs on the date of your birth (or another remarkable date in your life)?

Here’s to hoping something truly worthy makes the list this year. 😉

Kerri Morrone, over at Six Until Me, has designated today, April 14, as Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day. I had planned to relate my diagnosis story today, but I am running late, as usual. I have a post in the works, and I had hoped to finish by today, but no dice. I’m in the last home stretch of the semester, with two weeks of classes to go, followed by one last week of finals. And of course, various papers, tests and homework assignments have piled up and I feel like I am in too deep to redeem myself. But I have to do something, and so all there is left to do is work, work, work. So, I promise that I will publish my story within the next few weeks, once the frenzy has subsided. Until then, I strongly encourage you to engage in some self-education on the subject of diabetes. Do you know someone who has it? Have a question for them? Ask!!! I know I would much rather be asked a question about something than to let common misconceptions remain intact. Do some digging: inform yourself, read blogs, ask questions – it’s what the day is all about.

Some good places to start:
Here’s a good analogy…

P.S. On an unrelated note, April 14 is also the date that the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and sank. I was mildly obsessed/fascinated with reading about the Titanic as a kid (no idea why), and just wanted to remark on the date.  I know. I’m weird.

Shorts tan? Check.
Watch tan? Check.
Pink cheeks? Check.

Today, I skipped my geology class in favor of sitting out on the quad avec mes amis. I brought my philosophy text out to try to study, but that was a false pretense. Nothing was going to get done out there except socializing, relaxing, and of course some people-watching. :o) Hanging out in the sunny, warm, breezy weather with friends coming and going, and snippets of multiple conversations floating in the air; it was just what I needed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous; it was just too good to pass up. It had better be here to stay, or I will not be a happy camper.

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I got a call from the doctor’s office today, concerning the result of my A1C test from my last visit. It was 8.7%, which is nowhere near perfect, nor is it in the ideal range, but I am still working on that, and it is still going down from the last time it was checked (about 10% in November), so I feel good about that. 🙂

C’est tout!

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Posted on: April 4, 2008

It has been a hell of a week. I am so glad that classes are over, it is the weekend, and for a brief moment, the stress is relieved. I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since Monday, and I am more than ready to sleep for a long, long time. But before I can do that, I have to finish the loads of laundry that I finally got around to doing (more out of necessity than choice, I’m afraid), pack for the weekend, and hopefully I’ll have time to neaten up my room. All I want is to lie down and rest! It feels like I have been running non-stop since Tuesday – I had a Psychology paper due on Wednesday, along with a Philosophy test; on Thursday I had a big Geology test, and today I had a debate on economic sanctions in my Foreign Policy class. And of course, I was up working on each assignment, studying for each test until the very last minute. And did I mention the fact that my front left tooth fell out (it’s a crown) when I tried to eat lunch yesterday? Yup. That’s the kind of week it’s been. So, I am taking a much-needed break this weekend, and trying to relax. I am heading home later today (quite soon, actually), and as soon as I am on that bus, I am going to pass out.  Oh, I cannot wait.

Bon week-end, amis!


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