Posted on: February 11, 2008

    So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite a long time.  For a while, it was just a vague idea in the back of my mind, something I might like to do in the distant future, when I theoretically had more free time, or at least could manage it better.  Although if I’m really honest, neither of those things is too likely to happen, and even if they did, I would probably find more excuses not to start blogging.  But the more I thought about it, the more it appealed to me, and then one of my very close friends started a blog of her own, which I’ll admit was a big factor in pushing me to start my own.  And not only do I immensely enjoy reading her blog, but she tells me how much she enjoys writing posts.  I think writing is very much an outlet of emotion, and it can be very therapeutic.  Which is another reason that prompted me to finally get around to starting my own blog.
But I digress.  After thinking about it more and more, I started coming up with potential blog posts almost daily – topics, events to post about.  I thought about what the titles would be, what I would write, how I would say it.  Then I started writing down all these topics, and I currently have a list of about nineteen potential post topics.  But I’m not sure I will get to them all, or that I will find them relevant anymore or be able to expand upon my ideas enough.  Because when I was thinking about them, I was in a very specific state of mind that I would have to re-enter to be able to say what I wanted to say while I was thinking about it.  If that makes any sense at all.  But at least I have them, and if I get to reflecting on them enough, I’m sure I will be able to come up with something hopefully somewhat engaging.

I am trying not to set my expectations for this blog too high, because I did start a blog sometime in the early years of high school (freshman? sophomore?), and that failed miserably.  I think I posted two, maybe three times?  And I’m sure they were excruciatingly dull and uninspiring.  In retrospect, I was too young to really grasp the concept of blogging – I thought of it as an online diary of sorts.  As if people were truly interested in what had happened in the banal day of an awkward teenager.  On that note, I do believe that I have matured, and that I am capable of discussing topics that are hopefully of interest to others.  Additionally, its also kind of a way to keep in touch with long-distance friends, its a way of updating them on the daily/weekly/monthly events of life without rehashing everything over the phone or instant messenger, which can take a lot of time.  Not that I don’t like talking to my friends on the phone, but realistically, I don’t have time for that every day.

So welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy it. Please, please comment on it if you have anything to contribute!  I hope that some of my posts will generate a little bit of discussion.



1 Response to "Expectations"

I cannot wait to read what you have to say! I am super excited about this! Luv you~barbaraanne

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